Robern Bath Cabinets

Robern bath cabinets’ stylish designs and innovative features have made them the leader in bath storage solutions.

Robern has developed products with user-friendly features that assist homeowners in day-to-day living. Furthermore, Robern cabinets offer the highest quality possible as they are made of solid, aluminum framed construction that provides rust-free operation as well as durability. Over the years Robern has driven product innovation in the mirrored bath cabinet category by introducing hi-tech features, such as internal electrical outlets and mirror defoggers. Does your bath cabinet give off a gentle glow to guide your feet during the night? Does it provide you with a clear image even after a steamy shower? Try a Robern cabinet for these features and many more.

It’s Time to Expect More from Your Bath Cabinet

Carolina Glass & Mirror is proud to be a distributor of Robern bath cabinets.  Unlike most other distributors, Carolina Glass & Mirror is also the leader in innovative, stylish, and versatile Robern bath cabinet installation. With customizable options for your bath cabinet such as auto night lights, mirror defoggers, and even cold storage compartments, you’ll find yourself asking, “Why not Robern?” The seamless design, style, and elegance of Robern bath cabinets combined with reliable functionality is sure to give you years of enjoyment. Please visit the Robern website to view their complete product offerings.

Luxurious Design Meets Reliable Installation

At Carolina Glass & Mirror we’ll help you select the Robern bath cabinet that is just right for your space.  And, when it’s time to install your new cabinet, we will ensure that it is installed and functioning properly. Please visit the Robern website to view their complete product offerings. Contact us today to get exclusive pricing on these bath masterpieces.