Moratta Guard

Ask us about Moratta Guard – our molecular bonded glass protection.

Moratta-logoMoratta Guard Surface Sealer forms a high-strength, functional layer that replicates the structure of the glass. Surfaces protected with Moratta Guard simply stay clean much longer and makes it easier to clean your shower. The low surface tension can be seen in the familiar beading effect that occurs when in contact with water. Because the functional layer widely prevents foreign bodies from reacting with the surface, glass corrosion or dulling of the glass can be effectively avoided. Undesirable soiling on sandblasted or frosted glass (ex: finger prints) can be easily removed due to the excellent coating characteristics of Moratta Guard without changing the optical properties of the glass.

Excellent Properties.
Moratta Guard Surface Protector reacts chemically with glass and glazed ceramics to form a high strength functional layer that protects against soil adhesion and glass corrosion.
Exceptional Resistance.
Long term tests prove: Moratta Guard Surface Sealer has excellent properties even when it comes to long-term stability. Compared to competitors’ products already on the market, Moratta Guard comes out ahead in all tested disciplines. In general it can be said: The Moratta Guard functional layer is not affected by normal wear and tear of the surfaces and keeps all of its full effectiveness over long periods of time as simulated in our long-term test.
Moratta1Approved cleaning.
To make the most of your Moratta Guard we recommend cleaning with the following approved products: All natural products like Clorox Greenworks and Moratta Guard Seal Care, which can be purchased at our showroom.

We apply Moratta Guard to your shower glass before coming to install your brand new, luxurious semi frameless or frameless shower enclosure. Moratta Guard has a 10 year warranty.

Scientifically engineered. Professionally applied. Clarity & Convenience.

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Not only can we help design and install your new shower enclosure, but we can help you protect your shower glass so that you may use it for many years to come. Visit our showroom in Garner, NC if you would like to see our residential glass products in person, including our exciting new Moratta Guard display that shows the product in use. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today, or call 919.662.9050 for more information or with any questions you might have. We look forward to working with you!